You can create beautiful, ornate designs… (

If you were around in the late 60’s, you might have a wood burning kit tucked away in a closet somewhere.  They’re a perennial favorite, but it seemed back then, you just had to have one or you were not cool…or groovy.  Well, you might want to dig yours out of that closet because there’s another way to use it.

You can wood burn a raw cleaned gourd exactly the way you do wood!

…or start with something simpler. (

It’s even easier with gourds for several reasons: One is they’re lighter, easier to deal with.  For its weight, gourds are much lighter than wood.  And while something like balsa wood might be just as light, or lighter, they do not have anywhere near the durability of gourds.  Another advantage: You never have to deal with the grain of wood.  Gourds don’t have any grain.  And you never have to worry about hitting a knot.  Boy, that can mess things up when you’re working with wood!  But not a worry here.

Meadowbrooke Gourds offers raw, cleaned gourds at our retail store and online! Click here to view what’s available.  We’ve got over 35 different ones, some partly crafted – a hole for a birdhouse, say, or the top cut off for a bowl.  Most are just the whole gourd, though.

There are soooooo many ways to craft with gourds that we couldn’t begin to name even a fraction of them here, but we’ll discuss others regularly in this blog.

This can be a great family activity, especially if your kids are too young to be turned loose with a wood burning iron on their own.