Before there was pottery and basketry, there were gourds.  Gourds were among the first containers, bowls, plates, and utensils ever made.  Yup, they’ve been around as long as toolmaking has.  In fact, pottery and basketry seem to be modeled after gourds.  Look at this pre Columbian-era pot.  Clearly, you can see the bottom of a bottle gourd in its shape, just like the raw, cleaned bowls we sell on our site and in our retail store.  And look at these dipper gourds.  They practically scream, “I’m a spoon!”

Now, you can say these are the most reasonable, serviceable shape for containers and that pottery would have developed this way even without the gourds to guide them.  And you may be right.  In which case, mega kudos to Nature for providing such a wonderful tool for us!  Just by cutting a little off here and there, early humans had ready-to-use bowls, cups, spoons, etc.  And

the gourd was one – perhaps the – earliest cultivated crop.  That’s a pretty amazing history, don’t you think?