Gourd Keeper’s Cottage Update

We just wanted to share a few photos of the progress of the Gourd Keeper’s Cottage as of July 19th! It is really filling in nicely!


The Gourd Keeper’s Cottage

We are so thrilled to announce a new project at the Meadowbrooke Gourds’ Farm!

This year we decided to make a time lapse video of our gourds growing! It is a huge undertaking and we already have taken thousands of photos!

baby gourd plants…

…getting bigger!

At the end of June, we set up the cameras for our last group of pictures taken at our brand new Gourd Cottage located at our farm near the parking lot across from the Retail Store. This cottage normally goes on the road to our events, but for the summer it will be at the farm housing our Gourd Keeper while he tends to the gourds.

Welcome to the Gourd Keeper’s Cottage! As time progresses the gourd vines will start to over take the cottage. We designed it so the gourds will grow like a trellis.

The fence is made up of trees cut down on our very own farm.

The vines have already grown tremendously since the beginning of the project and now in the second week of July the cottage looks like this…

Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook for Cottage updates and time lapse video updates!

We invite everyone to visit the gourd cottage, take a look inside, see the gourds growing, and relax on the benches.  Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Spring Is Here – Time To Harvest

The sky is blue and the ground is dry. Although it might not feel like Spring weather just yet, it is time to harvest our dried gourds!  This is always an exciting time since we have been growing and drying this crop for ten months. At this point, we are able to find out just how good of a crop we have. Our production team has been anxious all winter for this crop to be ready. This should keep them quiet until next winter. :)

Spring is here!

Frozen Gourds

A little something interesting for your Monday morning!

These gourds spent the winter in a bin outside. We got anxious to sort and size them only to find they were all frozen together when we poured the bin out! Sights you will see only at Meadowbrooke Gourds. :)

January Update From The Gourd Fields

Our gourd crop has been under snow for several weeks and we went for a walk to inspect them. We were please to find them happy as ever and starting to dry nicely. This time of year always has us anxious for spring when it’s time to gather them up. We also took along some buddies to help. The little one is Lucy – she has a great nose for rodents that may be enjoying the gourds from the bottom side. If it were up to her, we would check the field for mice everyday!

Meadowbrooke Gourds on Dirty Jobs

Two nights ago Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe held their holiday special and our Meadowbrooke Gourds episode was part of it!!

If you missed it, click here for a clip.

Photo from the clip

Roger our Washroom Manager (we featured him in a previous post!) with Mike Rowe