We are so excited to announce something NEW! Many of our customers are very crafty and enjoy the raw gourds that we offer to craft on their own.  Also, because of the popularity of the “create your own” workshops and painting classes held at our Retail Store we wanted to be able to offer a DIY experience for all of our customers near and far! So….

Very soon we will be offering Gourd Craft Kits! These kits will be for sale on our website and in store and help you create your very own gourd based on various levels of difficulty:

Kids  -   Beginner  -  Moderate -  Advanced – Your Choice

Here are photo samples for the following kits. Each kit type shows the varying levels of difficulty.

 4” Snowman:   Includes bottle gourd, hat, carrot nose, scarf, pipe(Bottom & top sanded, nose & pipe holes drilled)

 4” Cat:  Includes bottle gourd, ears, gold bell w/wire, ribbon or felt collar (bottom sanded, ear slots cut)

 4” Jack o’ lantern:  Includes martin gourd, raffia, tea light (bottom cut/cleaned for tea light, avery face cut-out)

 4” Angel:  Includes bottle gourd, halo, wings, gold star (sanded bottom, halo holes drilled)

 4” Bunny: Includes bottle gourd, ears, small tied bow (bottom sanded, ear holes drilled)

 Birdhouse:  Includes 5 ½” Birdhouse, wire hanger (holes drilled, customer attaches and bends wire)

 Eggs:  Includes 6 large eggs

We cannot wait to hear what you think about our new DIY Gourd Craft Kits!