Gourds Make A Unique Gift for Teacher

As we enter August, we inevitably begin to see the “Back to School” signage everywhere! Although it may seem far away, we all know how quickly fall will be here and the kids will be off again!

This year, show appreciation to the teachers in your life with a special, unique gourd gift! They will be able to display it in their classrooms on the first day of school.

Thank you to all the teachers out there!!!

On the left: Signature Apple Gourd: http://www.gourdshop.com/catalog/crafters-corner/todd-heller-crafters-corner/signature-series-apple.html

On the right: Large Apple Gourd: http://www.gourdshop.com/catalog/all-season-handcrafted-gourds/apples-pears-handcrafted-gourds/large-gourd-apple.html

Halloween and Apples


Did you know the Halloween game of bobbing for apples was first used to predict marriages?  Yeah.  Only single people played the game, and the first one to bite into an apple floating in water would be the next to marry.  Does anyone know how to do that without plunging your head into the

How does she still have dry hair? beth-anne.com

water and shoving the apple against the bottom or side of the tub so you can sink your teeth into it?

There are other marriage-related games and customs connected with apples.  For instance, if a girl eats an apple while looking at a mirror on Halloween, she will see he face of her husband-to-be in the glass.  It’s a somewhat complicated ritual, with the girl first cutting the apple in half into a top and bottom half, so that each cross-section shows a pentagram, or 5-pointed star.  This was the

Don't try sinking your teeth into this juicy Apple Gourd…

symbol of the goddess of fertility, so the girl would throw one half of it over her left shoulder for her lover to eat.  She must then walk backwards toward the mirror, but not look back at it.  As she is walking, she must eat the other half of the apple while combing her hair.  When she gets to the mirror, as she continues to comb her hair, she looks back over her shoulder and will see the face of her love in the mirror.  Yeah.  Let us know how that works for you.

…or bobbing for this raw Apple Gourd!

This link below gives some great Halloween history, too.  Have fun!