Have you visited our Meadowbrooke Gourd Pumpkin Patch yet this fall? If not, we invite you to come on out to our farm during regular store hours to pick-your-own pumpkins and ornamental gourds.

Once you have your freshly picked pumpkins, it’s time to try something crafty! We loved the idea of a chevron pumpkin and wanted to share this easy, DIY project with you on our blog.

What you will need:
A Pumpkin or Gourd
Masking Tape
White Spray Paint

Step 1: Start with a clean, dry pumpkin. You could also use this technique on one of our raw, cleaned, dried gourds.

Step 2: Start adding approx 2 inch strips of masking tape to the pumpkin in a diagonal fashion in order to create the chevron pattern

Don’t worry about making it perfect, the subtle differences will give your pumpkin character!

Step 3: Continue adding the masking tape strips around the pumpkin until you are satisfied with the amount of stripes you will be left with once it is painted.

Step 4: Hand paint or spray paint your pumpkin with a white paint. (We used spray paint.)

Step 5: Once the paint is completely dry, pull off the tape to reveal your chevron patterned pumpkin.

(Optional) Use an acrylic sealer to preserve the paint.

Happy fall decorating!