Fall is in the Air!

The weather is cooler and the days are getting shorter, which means fall is almost here!

Fall is one of our absolute favorite times of the year at Meadowbrooke Gourds. To help you get in the fall spirit, here are a few inspirations and DIY projects for your fall decorating. Click the photos to visit the original source and view instructions.

Source: Uncommon Designs

Use mod podge to create this effect on pumpkins! (This would work really well with dried, clean raw gourds, too!)

Source: Today’s Fabulous Finds

Cute, rustic, “2×4″ pumpkins are perfect for fall.

Source: A Pretty Life

Candle cozies are created by recycling old sweaters.

Gourd Candy Corn at Meadowbrooke Gourds

These candy corn gourds would look adorable in a small candy dish!

New Autumn Cottage at Meadowbrooke Gourds

Warm your home with our new Autumn Cottage! It has a smiling jack face cut into its door and the vine detail creates a warm glow when lit.

The Gourd Crafter’s Toolkit: Two Cutting Tools You’ll Be Happy You Have

We often get questions about what kind of tools you need to begin crafting with gourds, especially saws. If you’re planning on cutting fancy curves and shapes into the dried body of a fully cured gourd, an electric powered rotary tool and handheld jigsaw are invaluable additions to your crafting tool kit.

DREMEL MultiPro Model: 395

Rotary tools are especially versatile for the hobbyist. Fitted with the correct attachment or bit, a rotary tool like those available from Dremel can buff, cut, polish and drill. They are available in both battery-operated and AC powered versions. If you do choose a battery-powered version, stock up on rechargeable batteries! The battery-powered versions are often less powerful than their grown-up cousins, so if you plan on doing a lot of work with the tool, you may want to opt for a plug-in model.

Fancy lines and curves can be cut freehand, but we find that a handheld jigsaw/scroll saw makes the job much easier and safer. The MicroLux Gourd Saw is especially popular because its compact size makes it easy to guide on irregular surfaces like gourds and other natural materials.

A final word of advice: gourd dust can be irritating to nasal passage and mucous membranes, so be sure you wear a mask whenever you’re cutting or sanding dried gourds and work outdoors whenever possible.

N95 respirators

Product of the Month for October: Holy Nativity Set

Well, that summer blew by, didn’t it? Hope everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day holiday to mark the unofficial end of Summer. And with a new month upon us, it’s time for a new product of the month.

This heirloom quality gourd nativity set is handcrafted with the attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from Meadowbrooke Gourds. Illuminated with an electric light, the start cutout will fill the room with a soft, gentle glow. It might seem a wee bit early to start thinking about the Christmas season, but we just don’t see it that way.

A five piece set, this Nativity includes Joseph (approximately 3.5″ in diameter, Mary (approximately 3″ in diameter, Baby Jesus (approximately 1″ in diameter), Manger (approximately 4″ in a diameter) and Creché (approximately 9″ in diameter).

It’s a unique and eye-catching set to start a new Christmas tradition. Perfect for housewarming gifts.

Pre-order your gourd nativity set during the month of September for a special discount! RETAIL CUSTOMERS: 10% OFF Pre-orders only. Orders must be placed by 10/1/13. Regular price $150.99

WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS: Buy 3 & Get the 4th FREE! Pre-orders only. Orders must be placed by 10/1/13. 4th free item will be included at the time of shipmemt

NEW! DIY Gourd Craft Kits

We are so excited to announce something NEW! Many of our customers are very crafty and enjoy the raw gourds that we offer to craft on their own.  Also, because of the popularity of the “create your own” workshops and painting classes held at our Retail Store we wanted to be able to offer a DIY experience for all of our customers near and far! So….

Very soon we will be offering Gourd Craft Kits! These kits will be for sale on our website and in store and help you create your very own gourd based on various levels of difficulty:

Kids  -   Beginner  -  Moderate -  Advanced – Your Choice

Here are photo samples for the following kits. Each kit type shows the varying levels of difficulty.

 4” Snowman:   Includes bottle gourd, hat, carrot nose, scarf, pipe(Bottom & top sanded, nose & pipe holes drilled)

 4” Cat:  Includes bottle gourd, ears, gold bell w/wire, ribbon or felt collar (bottom sanded, ear slots cut)

 4” Jack o’ lantern:  Includes martin gourd, raffia, tea light (bottom cut/cleaned for tea light, avery face cut-out)

 4” Angel:  Includes bottle gourd, halo, wings, gold star (sanded bottom, halo holes drilled)

 4” Bunny: Includes bottle gourd, ears, small tied bow (bottom sanded, ear holes drilled)

 Birdhouse:  Includes 5 ½” Birdhouse, wire hanger (holes drilled, customer attaches and bends wire)

 Eggs:  Includes 6 large eggs

We cannot wait to hear what you think about our new DIY Gourd Craft Kits!


Gourd Etching Re-Cap

Thank you to everyone that came to the farm on Saturday, August 17th for gourd etching! We wanted to share a few of the photos.

Also, don’t forget to Save the Date! Our 2013 Fall Open House Dates have been announced: Sat. Sept. 28, Sun. Sept. 29, Sat. Oct. 5 and Sun. Oct. 6 from 10am ‘til 4pm.  We will be hosting our “Create your Own” Workshop both weekends.  There will be Jack o’ lanterns, witches and scarecrows for you to creatively design.  We are also planning some other new and exciting activities, so check back soon for more details.

Gourd Etching on Saturday, August 17th

This Saturday, August 17th at 11:00 am, join us at the Meadowbrooke farm for Gourd Etching! Gourd etching was not available during the Summer Celebration because the gourds were too small, but they are perfect now!

If you are interested in etching your own design, name or date into a fresh gourd we hope to see you on Saturday. The cost is $5.00 per gourd. You do not need to call ahead but if you have any questions please email Dori at dorih@mbgourds.com.

Summer Celebration 2013

Thank you to everyone that visited the farm for our 2013 Summer Celebration and Oops Sale! We hope you all had as much fun as we did despite the extreme heat that day! We are also thrilled to announce we were able to donate over $325.00 to Canine Rescue of Central PA from the Gourd Float.

Here are some photos of the festivities.

The Oops! Tent

Lots of Oops Gourds looking for a new home

The Kid’s Tent

Gourd Float Gourds

Almost time for the Gourd Float

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for announcements about our upcoming fall events!


Gourd Keeper’s Cottage Update

We just wanted to share a few photos of the progress of the Gourd Keeper’s Cottage as of July 19th! It is really filling in nicely!


The Gourd Keeper’s Cottage

We are so thrilled to announce a new project at the Meadowbrooke Gourds’ Farm!

This year we decided to make a time lapse video of our gourds growing! It is a huge undertaking and we already have taken thousands of photos!

baby gourd plants…

…getting bigger!

At the end of June, we set up the cameras for our last group of pictures taken at our brand new Gourd Cottage located at our farm near the parking lot across from the Retail Store. This cottage normally goes on the road to our events, but for the summer it will be at the farm housing our Gourd Keeper while he tends to the gourds.

Welcome to the Gourd Keeper’s Cottage! As time progresses the gourd vines will start to over take the cottage. We designed it so the gourds will grow like a trellis.

The fence is made up of trees cut down on our very own farm.

The vines have already grown tremendously since the beginning of the project and now in the second week of July the cottage looks like this…

Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook for Cottage updates and time lapse video updates!

We invite everyone to visit the gourd cottage, take a look inside, see the gourds growing, and relax on the benches.  Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Expanded Gourd Crafting Supply Area

Great news for all of our gourd crafting customers – we are working on expanding our parts/supplies area in the Retail Store. Visit us in Carlisle, Pennsylvania for raw cleaned gourds and all the supplies you need to craft them into your own unique creations!

Here are some photos of the expanded area: